Is someone trying to get into my house?

Okay, so I live in an apartment complex - not in the best part of town or anything. My county is one of the most dangerous in my state. So let me explain what's been happening. A few weeks ago, around 12:30am I heard a small noise at my door, I ignored it thinking maybe it was something else - I was trying not to freak out. The same night about 35 minutes later, I heard a knock, waited for it to happen a second time & when I checked the door no-one was there. Then at 2:30am that same night there was a very loud knocking on the door. I ran to the door thinking one of my roommates forgot their key and looked out the peep hole - a colored guy, medium build, with a hoodie on that I didn't recognize was knocking. I didn't answer, nor did I call the police.. I was panicking. A few nights later, someone threw eggs at all the windows in my apartment. My roommate went to see if he could find who it was but he didn't see anyone. That was about 2 weeks ago. (note that the people across the hall from me moved out last week). Today I came home after washing clothes, and the dead bolt on my door looked tampered with. It was difficult to get my key in, and very hard to unlock the door. When I got inside, I went back out to get my other basket of clothes - noticed the door across the hall... It was cracked, and no one lives there. Im nervous, and need advice. Is someone trying to get into my house? What can I do if they do get in?? What do I do.
Asked Dec 08, 2016

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