When I know I'm ready for sex?

This is kinda hilarious considering my first question I asked here was how to stop feeling bad about my virginity, so I find this very ironic. I'm 17 (18 in January 2017) And my boyfriend is 6 months older than me (18). This is both of our first real relationships, and we're both fairly new to the sexual aspects of a relationship. We've been dating for 3 months and have been physically intimate for about 2 months now. Its gone past first, second, and third base, but we haven't had sex yet. I used to be so embarrassed about being a virgin, but now I don't actually know if I want to yet. Sometimes I think yes and sometimes no. We both care for each other very much and we both would like to have sex for the first time with each other, but I'm worried what will happen after that. I'm not worried about pregnancy or STD's cause I'm on the pill and again, neither of us have had sex, but I'm worried he'll loose interest or something of that nature. How do you know you're 100% ready to have sex?
Asked Dec 08, 2016
If you don't know for sure that you're ready, you're probably not. I lost mine when I was 16. Knowing what I know now, I would have waited until marriage. People now days just throw sex around like its some casual, unimportant thing. It's not. Sex is a serious (adult) decision. it should be between two people that are spending their life together. Not a boyfriend you had for a few months, or a one night stand you met at the bar.
You will never regret waiting. There's a chance you will regret jumping into it to fast.
This is the ultimate test in a relationship. If he "gets bored" when you decide you want to wait to have sex, then you will know he's not the right one. Anyone that loves you for you and your personality will not rush it or pressure you in any way.
Good luck in whatever you decide!
Answered Dec 09, 2016
If you ask me, when you started delivering cum then you will understand that you are ready for sex. If you like then may watch some free sex video from
Answered Dec 22, 2016
Edited Dec 22, 2016
You will know when the time happens. The tingling in your pussy usually tells you ;)
Answered Dec 24, 2016
Yes... you will know when you are ready. Don't push it. And use condoms.. every time. And you should also get your bf to use an antibacterial penis health creme once a day. This will keep his penis extra clean and decrease the chances of transferring bacteria to you that can cause odors, infections etc. Sex is great but you need to protect yourself from these things. Good luck to you.
Answered Dec 13, 2017

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