What are the different software development models?

Software development process needs several models based upon which a software is developed. These are called software development models. There are many kinds of software development models from which a developer can choose for developing the software based upon the client’s needs.
Types of software development models:
Waterfall model: follows downward process of software development. First requirement is defined, then software is designed, then it is executed which is followed by testing and release processes. This model is easy to explain to the customer. It helps in planning and deployment of the product. The stages of software development are well-defined. The complication is that it is very difficult to go back to a previous stage after it is completed.
V shaped model: this model follows a v-shaped approach to software development. Planning precedes the requirement, which followed by architecture, detailed design, implementation, unit testing, integration testing, system acceptance and testing and management. This process is also simple and easy to use like the waterfall model. Adjusting scope is less in this model too.
Prototyping model: it follows the activity of creating prototypes of software applications, which is almost like an incomplete version of software being developed. It uses less time and is more cost effective.
Spiral Method: in this method both elements of design and prototyping.
Asked Nov 09, 2016

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