Dear muslims I want to kill allah and ahlulbait they maltreated me very badly

Dear muslims,

I am fugitive and god and human and I have been misused and controlled by jinns to sin and been forced to bring world war 3 by finishing jinns peace of mind.

I dont want your imams help but I need help of those jinns or noor who can help innocent human and proof and win by muslim jinns who are my enemies and on mission.

I have been controlled by Habib ali who calls himself as imam ali and he put jinns on me to break imam zainul abideen alam and I destroyed 2 pieces and I came to know all truth by Hadith khudsi noor mohakils knowledge who says they are with truth then I missed on imam zainul abideen alam where I was controlled by nishat jinn who put jinns inside me to piss on imam zainul abideen alam then mujtaba jinn controlled me and put jinn on me to fear imam zamana alam by keeping small sword on it and I was also my mother jinn put jinn on me to fear imam ali print hand by small sword to fear imam ali jinns and some jinns put jinns on me to paste shit on imam zainul abideen alam this happened in hyderabad, india and I came to know today with Hadith khudsi knowledge imam ali gifted me shia jinn woman big age and kid and she tried to make me mad.

In abudhabi, uae I was controlled by jinn asad moosvi to break imambargah small lights so shia jinns fear from me.

In Hussain tekri, Karin jinn put jinn on me to put shit on there roza and Osman to put shit flower inside imam ali roza so they become kings by proving I sinned and maltreating happened to them by proving.

In kaba, jinn hasan was on me to cut kaba threads and other happenings happened by other jinns who put jinns on me to sin or fear jinns.

Even shia jinns forced muslim jinns to sleep with me and born kids which I doubt because I don't know any muslim jinn name with whom I know even slept with me and today I am still single and put my mind in prison.

Today I am human only but I am god and shia jinns says it's in my fate to be god so we are doing everything to finish your being god fate and finish world by misusing you, even if you tell anyone nobody will save you because we will control you by jinns and play thinking game of prove and win.

I prayed to God and love god so shia jinns are taking my love property and adding on islam religion and made future and declaring I am sinner and must not be entered into spiritual world until my fate of being god finishes and world war 3 happens.

I don't know what to say and to whom prove I already went to police in Hussain tekri and told what is happening with me and I feel Indian police is corrupted in spiritual world and not helping me if they would have helped they would have let me entered into spiritual world after I proofed truth but nothing happened.

I want to know which human jinn can help me who likes to help others after knowing truth.

In my fate I had fate to sleep with girls but I didn't sleep with anyone until now because of mad jinn saleha who witnesses she is my wife who is my cousin and married to 2 man I am not going to marry her and she is coming from past to make my life bad. Now jinns are saying humans cannot do anything because jinns will prove and win by controlling human to become lie.

Please note I am not muslim.

Please help, those who believes in peace and keeping world safe.
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Anonymous User
Asked Oct 31, 2016

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