Is there a good and safe way online to meet single women online in foriegn countries for friendship?

I have tried MANY means online to try and locate single women in other nations online to get to know and hopefully help/encourage but have gotten nowhere-only frustration and they try and charge a person great fees, a lot of deception involved! I simply want to meet a lady or two over the internet and exchange some emails, get to know her and try and be a good friend as I like friends in other places. A lot of women out there in other countries very much need this support! I would like to help but am totally lost on how to go about this. And why does this attempt have to cost a bunch of money? Please offer any advice you can, thank you!
Asked Oct 26, 2016
The only real way in which to pursue this is to get on a plane and go over there and find single women! Is not hard as I have done it and if they know you are American they will be all over you-all the sex you can handle! But be carefull, plenty of traps too such as some are married and the guy comes looking for you or various diseases we don't know as well here. This is true also-a guy I knew went over to Africa and was having sex with a woman outdoors in fact. She suddenly became out of control and grabbed his cock hard with both hands and bent it in half before he could react! Needless to say damage was done and he was sorry he ever went there and "got into" her! But anyway, good luck!
Answered Nov 11, 2016

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