My name is Ahmed I cutted kaba thread from its curtain which was of evil proved.

My name is Ahmed I cutted kaba thread from its curtain which was of evil proved.

Dear everyone and governments of all countries, so I visited saudi arabia for hajj I was controlled by spirit to cut kaba curtain thread and spirit forced me to pray before cutting thread that If you want me to take thread or curtain then let me take it and I cutted thread of kaba curtain but I didn't know it was evil curtain which was of black color with 100% proof and evidence.

On Kaba curtain there are names of 4 qalifas (sahabas) and all 4 sahabas murdered other religions innocent humans who even didn't entered into spiritual world of god and did sins because killing someone who has not entered in world of god is sin only because they are innocent and can be changed by good thinking or thought to not fight with islam or any religion but these 4 murderers killed innocent human so there allah name and rulership is alive. Can god be like this to become allah he kills innocent humans.

The real answer NO REAL GOD will do this and just imagine how many times did allah tried to erased his this mistake in world when someone like me told this in past or future or whatever.

Unbelievable evil sinner is allah who keeps murderer names on his home which is thefted from Abraham by fooling him in spiritual world by giving him to like something like money or property or woman so muslims got kaba by making war where it was worship of idols, all genies knows those wins first which I'd since the beginning by proving and winning but not by fighting by killing to win.

I didn't sin and kaba genies remembers me of kaba curtain threads cutting dream to kill me which are done by spirits now my life is becoming bad because of muslims I case on allah to be dead forever with his spirits.

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Asked Oct 24, 2016
Edited Oct 24, 2016

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