My first enemy when I was kid hindu mata

My first enemy when I was kid hindu mata

When I was kid I came to hyderabad, India from Muscat, Oman as Muscat is my birthplace and I came to know from patents to not believe in evil idols like hindu mata and whenever I see there idols material just spit on them so when I went to school the auto rickshaw took me from roads where there was Mandir which were looking evil to me by looks and I use to spit on them after I go far from the Mandir and I didn't know anything about spiritual world of god which is fake and hindu mata became my enemy I didn't even spit on her idol material or on Mandir just that I spit by fearing from bad look and what my parents taught me in understanding.

I was first human and then became real god but hindu mata was coming from time to kill me and whatever I dislike to have disliking in my life to kill me and make my life bad since I was kid and after I became real god so she made my father second enemy who was also genie and the game of thinking to kill me started which I didn't know I god promise I don't the world is so bad of gods you won't imagine, the real evil world who do not find out why human do mistakes or sin and if human do mistakes or sin what is the reason and punishes.

I am like cannot stop crying because of hindu mata my life changed even after I became real god she forced other Hindus to do porn with me just so I do porn because I dislike to do it.

Hindu mata is original and she will be alive she knows but will my 35 years of joy and happiness will it be back, my youngerness erased by hindu mata and I don't know if I will born kid or not by my real sperms.

Remember what human learns from others or like from others do it now hindu mata taught me to like porn with spirits if they exist and to kill me hindu mata did porn with me from spiritual world which I never entered.

Now what shall I do ? Are there any justice courts to make judgement for me I want hindu mata to be killed forever and I want hindu mata property and money in reality but not just spiritually.

Waiting for your judgement your honor.

Anonymous User
Anonymous User
Asked Oct 24, 2016

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