Which is better, web development or app development?

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Asked Oct 20, 2016

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Both have equal importance. scope of App development is increasing day by day because it is more user friendly. You can access any kind of information in few seconds even in the toilet with the help of apps installed on your smartphone. But for larger projects and detailed information you need to visit on web. So both have equal importance according to user point of view. https://goo.gl/Xa15MQ
Answered Oct 20, 2016
Web development and Mobile development both are equally important because in today’s time business owners cannot depend on just one platform. You can contact - http://www.appymonkey.com/ to get more detailed information.
Answered Oct 20, 2016
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Answered Jan 09, 2017
App development and web development both are very important today. All depends on what is more suitable for you. If you are the beginner, web development will be easier and interesting for you. You can choose a variety of the programming languages. For example, PHP, Python (Django), Ruby (Rails), and also Java, C# (.NET).

App development is more difficult. In such case, you need to have skills and knowledge about these programming languages and how to use them. For example, Java for Android, Objective-C/ Swift for IOS, C# for Windows Phone.

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Answered Jan 11, 2017
Edited Jan 11, 2017
I'd say do web first. Just about any internet-capable device can access your website, but if you learn app development, you'll have to stick to one platform first: iOS or Android. If you don't have much programming experience, web is easier to get started with. HTML and CSS are straightforward. Javascript is a good intro to basic programming.On the other hand, native app development requires Objective C for iOS or Java for Android. If you have no programming experience, it's going to be a very frustrating learning curve.
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Answered Jan 19, 2017
If you are really passionate in web and app development start with basics.


Web Development/App Development?
For Web Development there are numerous tool out there in market based on the technology you choose to work. If you prefer to work with .Net framework then surely Visual Studio will be the most apt choice.
If you prefer some other free source like PHP etc you can go with Adobe Dreamweaver, Netbeans etc.

For mobile app development I saw PhoneGap to be helping. Since this is a growing market there are many tools getting developed in recent times.

Android or iOS?
As far as OS concerned I would say Android as the most suited one. This is because of its market share currently. Since android has 70% of market I suggest you to go with Android Development.

For Android App development, Google has released their own IDE for this along with numerous tutorials. I believe this should help you in your learning.

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Answered Feb 16, 2017

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