Petition how humans can take revenge from spirits, believerism religion

as you know humans are sinless because before humans take any action spirits play game of winning and loosing through human thinking and those spirit who wins from human thinking decides what human will do like doing a sin or praying so sins and prayers are forcely done by spirits.

as everybody knows and confirms spirits take revenge from humans immediately when they sin or hurt religious sentiments by saying against religions god, now if human sins in his reality how human can take revenge immediately from the spirit who forced him to do sin by playing game of winning through truth from his thinking and how human can take revenge from those spirits who became his enemy after knowing truth that some spirit won from human thinking and forced him to sin by his decision.

how humans can take revenge from spirits two times.

we are putting petition online on spirits to decide what humans must do and how they must take revenge legally.
Anonymous User
Anonymous User
Asked Oct 16, 2016

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