Could listening to load music lead mice to stay stuck on glue traps?

My apartment is filled with mice, my brother got rid of 6 of them using glue traps. However, the glue traps method is kind of useless now because I just notice that found a way to avoid the glue traps on my mother and my room, my room is the package with glue traps and Ben like this for a while. My brother , my sister in law and my nieces are trying to find a way to get rid of this rodents problem because my sister in law will give birth at end of next month and newborn baby can not be inside an apartment that has mice issues. My family is poor so there's no way we can hire an exterior of pest control and my mom hates cats , and I am afraid of cat that I would be willing to overcome my cat fear if the cat can really help us with the mice problem. Please, what else can good and cheap way to get rid of the mice issue? Please answer this question as soon and fast as possible
Asked Oct 15, 2016

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