What do you think about my college essay?

Everyone have the battle to win and two example are finishing education and searching for a great job. No matter how difficult the obstacles get, don’t let them defeat you. However, they can beat you in many ways but those barriers can’t defeat you, if you are not willing to give up a fight for a great future. Luz E. Almonte created this statement because I want to motivate the students, people and me to follow their dream no matter how hard their journeys are. In additional, there is no reason to give up but there are many reasons to keep fighting for. One example is completed each level of schools that way you came make sure there is great future coming your way.

My high school battle started in my senior year. I attended most of the senior activity except for the senior trip and the graduation ceremony of 2015 because my mom earns low income and I failed 3 regents in June 2015 and that block me from graduating with my classmate of 2015.Well, that this no bothers me because I knew that I had 2 or 3 chances left to past regents. On august 2015 I attended summer school but end failing the regents again but I was not upset about it yet because in silence I was telling to myself," If at first, you don’t success try, try, and try again." by; Thomas H. Palmer. This quote was important me because I used as motivation to keep on trying, by me allowing that quote lead me, I Knew that I stepped closer to graduating.

During September, I was out of school because I passed all my class and the high school did not have anything to teach me. However, I did not want to be out of school for more than one month. So in the middle of September started to look for A Young Adult Brought Center also know as YABC but my I.E.P document was making it had for The YABC programs to accept me. Two of Young Adult Brought Center rejected me because of my I.EP. Did match with other students. Therefore, things got a bit tough for me but my first main goal was to keep trying and don’t give up too easy. In fact, I always keep walking on the positive path and that led me to attend James Monroe YABC in the beginning of October. Since that moment, I considered myself as always a fighter, not a quitter. Nevertheless, this journey was just a hard because my own I.E.P document that supposes to help me with my education was the obstacle holding me backs either ways I defeated.

In the middle of January2016, the recent week came, after failing 3 those regents I had a positive mind, hope, and faith. In fact, January was a bit of a bit of lucky month for me because I ended passing 1 regent. Then, I set all my hope, effort, and faith to graduate in June 2016 because of its kind of my last chance. Throughout, June was my bad month for me because my umbrella was too weak to stand the rainstorm and broke. I got to school a bit wet. Next regents week started but I also the common cold during the regent’s week.
However, I did not want miss out regents week so, attended to school while being sick and tried my hardest to finish my regent's exams no matter if I was sick that day. On the first day of regents weeks, my cold was just started that why got the one regent fully.

The next day was my last regent but my symptom got worse and I only finished the first part of regent because I got set home.
Consideration of me getting sick of regents week, I became stress out because I lost my hope, straight and faith. For this reason, my school counselor and program director told they wanted to have met with and talk what was going on with on help me release all that stress that was in me. Therefore my counselor and director help me realizes that I need to talk my feeling out and cry out if it was necessary. Theirs advice help me escape my stress out feeling. I also attend two graduation ceremonies.

In conclusion, now I know that something is worth to fighting for such as my education. I also know that when the things get difficult, I just need myself esteem harder so, I can beat my beat my obstacles someday. Therefore. Overcome feeling stress because it is just a mess. We just need to confess, we need to just accept happiness it is just like a success. We do not need to get depressed. Finally, in the world, everyone has a journey to complete and their path are never easy to accomplish because their barrier that would hold back. However, in each of our future quest, there is no gate impossible to defeat.
Asked Oct 11, 2016

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