I am 15 years old and a female but I honestly sometimes think boobs are disgusting .

I am a d cup and I absolutely hate it ... While all the other girls would love that.. And whenever I look at huge naked boobs I get disgusted. I also often find myself wanting to be a boy . Why? Is it just a "phrase?"
Asked Oct 08, 2016
I'd love to see those beauties fondle caress and suck' im
Answered Oct 09, 2016
I'm just curious. Would you speak to your mother, grandmother, or sister in such a manner?
They are related she is not
meme123 Oct 10, 2016
So? She's someone's daughter. It's called respect.
She should not be on the internet telling the world about her breasts
It's called cock teasing
Not everything on the internet is here for men!
I'd moter boat that that rack while I fuck that young clit nothing better than a natural jugs bouncing around yes I'm a perv nice tit tight pussy best thing on the planet
Answered Oct 09, 2016
Get a life, sicko.
Maybe I can help. (unlike the two who commented before me.) I've been through periods of time like this. "Maybe it would just be better if I didn't have breasts" or "Man, I am really sick of these things. Can't they just go away?" I've thought long and hard about having them removed, trust me. At the same time, however, I think you need to have a long talk with yourself. Maybe sit in your room and just think about why you might feel this way. Maybe it's because you're so young and developed early? Or maybe it's because they are larger than you'd like them to be. Let me know if this helped you out any.
Answered Oct 09, 2016

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