Believerism religion files 20 cases on spiritual worlds of gods

Important : By religions god we mean those religions god who are junglee and dont have understanding of truth from 6.4 billion years or the beginning of planet or the beginning of universe and those religions god of religious places from where life of humans are forced to sin and becomes bad, please check Believerism religion files cases.

Believerism religion files cases
(to dream worlds which is spiritual worlds and including to every government of every country and islands and living beings kings and anyone who is a king or queen or have rulership or god.) 

all cases are practically tested, confirmed and valid true cases filed by ahmed and can be tested by any spirits by believing since the beginning what is truth. 

god ahmed spirits are stnam kaur, nirinanjan kaur, ajeet kaur, jai jagdeesh, salena gomez, sandra bullock, miley cyrus, shakira, daniel radcliffe, emma watson, heather martin, chin tan, little, shradda kapoor, anushka sharma, nazia...etc.who will book below cases on ahmed behalf in spiritual worlds, governments and until ahmed comes in spiritual worlds ahmed wishes his spirits not to remove cases and keep these cases forever to support humans generations and even if ahmed ask to close the below filed cases by proving anything or any witnesses or anything, ahmed spirits must not close and keep active forever.
Before you read this, please read what is god and lie religions god are dreams proved.

Believerism religion files first case

Believerism religion files a case to nature running spirits for making sins.

Ahmed files a case to nature running spirits who are not seen to all humans and hide there identity that they are not like humans so humans gets clever and understanding not to think bad against them

Nature running spirits are those who controls all humans by thinking, dreams, visions, illusions...etc which is shown from brain or mind of humans.

Since religion gods claims they do not control humans to sins, religions god have to prove how and from where humans get thinking, dreams, visions, illusions...etc to sin because religion god also claims they have created automated nature which controls humans and everyone in other words which makes humans movement through nature by thinking so who gives that thinking, dreams, visions, illusions...etc which are not seen to humans to sin.

Resolution : believerism religion wants humans to be declare sinless. Ahmed ask religions god to punish nature running spirits when they give thinking, dreams, visions, illusions...etc to humans by which humans are forced to sin but not punish humans. Because humans are for time being but not forever until they know truth they cannot live forever.

please read humans are sinless proved by ahmed 

Believerism religion files second case 

Believerism religion files a case to religions god for forcing humans to sin and punish them. 

Ahmed files a case to religions god since the time they are alive and running nature spirits which controls humans, either punish nature running spirits for forcing humans to sin or declare religions god as evil in reality of humans, because religions god first forces humans to sin then punish humans for sinning. 

some notes on first filing case : 

Every action humans takes take by the decision of nature and religions god claims they made nature automated or they run it so humans who live for period of time lives life according to them.

If religions god claims they do not force humans to sin then how humans act in nature ? Nature makes human act by thinking or dreams, visions, illusions which runs from human mind.

If different religions gods who doesn't have control on nature like believerism religion says, then they must know who force humans to sin and prove to that religion god that human sinned because of your spirits who came in mind of human to sin. Because everything humans do because of nature running spirits which are never seen to them or even if they are seen they do not declare they are spirit. Those whoever claims one god made nature running automated must tell everyone that every spirits is part of nature who controls humans to act. Humans doesnt sees how spirits looks like or how they control humans. 

even on every thinking made by human a spirit comes in mind or body of human who takes revenge on disliking anything and when human thinks bad to anyone because humans think bad but they dont believe thinking or dreams happens they dont mean to harm anyone but think bad. if nature doesnt runs by thinking how a case is filed on humans by spirit on every thinking. 

please read how sins are happened through spirits proved 

added new notes with evidence to first case: 

all religions god are evil proved with evidence, truth just happened

All gods of all religions says humans sins and punish them.

Please read my below notes :

I don't want to harm anyone, I am religion god and human and I have practically tested what I am saying now and giving feedback to everyone on religious god religious place, please test it I witness truth to everyone. 

When any human goes to there religious places to pray for religions god, there will be wild spirits who blesses humans on good thinking and on humans bad thinking, wild spirits makes there life hell by forcing humans to sin by saying I want revenge and your religion god knows this or not I don't know because religion god understands dreams which comes from human mind only. 

Humans are very innocent, until humans sees or hear any religion god or spirits, they will not get believe that religion god or spirits exist and there religions god or religious places doesnt put notice on board visible to humans to not think bad inside religious places otherwise you will be forced to sin by spirits as every spirit is wild spirit who takes revenge by promising to make human life bad, and human have no idea on what are spirits or how they look like or how they act. They just think bad but doesn't mean until it is said in front of them like human fights with other human in front of them. Will human get anything by fighting through thinking to material of religious places who doesn't even talks. 

Let me explain, spirits are wild spirits they act on thinking of humans and spirits are not like humans who thinks bad but don't do bad until someone goes against them and fight in there reality but wild spirits doesnt knows this and they make your life bad by forcing you to sin by saying they are taking revenge because you think bad for religious place or religious god, this is happening since the beginning of universe. Religions gods are either wild gods or don't know how humans thinks but doesn't mean what they think. 

Saying to humans : 

I don't know what to say, I don't want to tell you to stay away from religious places, but practically test what I said by just thinking bad for anything in religious place or think bad on any religious god to see the wild spirits revenge for no reason, you just think bad but didn't do anything practically, understand my point, it is religious places of religions from where the sins are forced to happened because of thinking bad. Spirits are wild spirits only because they are not like humans but looks like humans. 

It's too dangerous to live on this planet where religions god runs wild spirits in there religious places since the beginning and tells humans to pray in front of wild spirits where wild spirits means like those who doesn't have understanding of good or bad who react just like animals.

If any wild spirit comes in front of everyone in religious place in ugly face and if human saw the wild spirit ugly face and think bad on wild spirit then wild spirit takes revenge by saying I will make this human life bad and until I make human life bad I will not leave the human who think bad and they do what humans hate to do, like if human thinks I don't want to sin the wild spirit forces human to sin where the spirit is from religious place or who is lover of god.

Wild spirits will be wild spirits only they will do everything to change after I proved religion god are evil but spirits cannot control there anger and revenge even after changing themselves because they are sons and daughters or family of religions god.

help those humans who died, sinned, had bad heath, accidents, trouble...etc from immediate effect by killing evil as proved above.

Gods of all religions are punishing humans since the beginning of there religion where humans never sinned and they made future and everyone to worship them forcely.

Gods are evil of all religions proved since there beginning. 

Resolution : believerism religion wants humans to be declared sinless and punish all religions god o be sinners and give death punishment for sinning since there beginning. 

Asked Oct 05, 2016

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