How do I touch my teacher's butt without them feeling it?

I am staying after school with my teacher to finish a homework assignment. Fellas how do I slightly place the palm of my hand on the bum without the teacher really feeling it?
Asked Sep 28, 2016
At the end of my literature period, a lot of boys had gathered around my hot teacher to ask her something or the other. Quite a crowd. Strangely one boy was standing right behind her. The last bit of her hair sometimes flew in his face but he didn't move away. A few seconds later his hands (which were first curled into fists) became curved. It seemed he wanted to touch her butt with his palm. But the teacher probably had a class after that.She broke through the crowd and was going away. He fast walked after her, touched her butt very lightly with his fingers and started asking her a question (probably about going to the washroom or something) and at the end went back to his seat. I don't think the teacher had noticed him touching her butt (he probably touched so lightly). So my advise is to do it in a crowd or the way the boy did. Hope this helps!
Answered Jun 14, 2017
It helps that way and it works
why would you want to touch your teacher's butt?
Answered Jun 14, 2017
I do it by just like putting my hand back and gently grab it and then this one time she flashed the back top of her white panties and I touched her ass and pulled on the panties
Answered Sep 27, 2017

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