I need help with a logic thinking puzzle?

Just north of the village of Maple Hollow, there are five farm properties
extending in a northerly direction along the east side of a country road; a small
stream called Bear Creek meanders in a northerly direction through the three
southernmost of the five, then veers sharply eastward without touching the other
two properties. Last summer, the nature counselor at Maple Hollow Day Camp
obtained permission from the Cranes and the other four owners to take a group
of youngsters on a hike going in a northerly direction through the wooded areas
of the properties in order to observe the wildlife.
During the hike, Carl and the other four children who participated each
spotted a different animal and each, as it happens, was spotted on a different
property. From the following clues, can you give the relative locations of the five
farms, who owns which, and tell who spotted what where? (One of the animals
sighted was a squirrel.)
1. The hike did not start or finish on the Moore farm, and the rabbit was not
sighted on the Moore’s property.
2. Jill spotted her animal by an oak tree growing alongside Bear Creek; it
was not the deer.
3. Daisy sighted the first animal.
4. The Brooks farm, which is not where Will spotted an animal, is north of at
least one of the others but south of the one where a fox was seen running
away from a red barn.
5. The deer was not the first animal sighted.
6. Ellen spotted her animal on the Arden farm; it was the next animal to be
sighted after the skunk.
7. Bear Creek runs through the Noble farm.
8. One of the Brook’s two immediate neighbors owns the only one of the five
farms with a red barn.
9. One of the boys spotted the skunk as it was drinking from Bear Creek.
If you want the graph that comes with it go to this link. Thanks to anyone that tries because you deserve it. I was stuck on this for a while!
Asked Sep 22, 2016

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