What to do about a Landlord who will not stop noisy tenants

There are 5 people living in the apartment below me. 2 adults 3 children. The noise is unbearable and the man and woman are always fighting. I can hear the woman screaming for her life as he physically abuses her while the kids scream. My previous landlord was working on solving the problem. She told me she gave the occupants a 24 hour notice to leave because the woman and children were not supposed to be living there. There were too many people occupying the one bedroom apartment. New landlord does not want to solve the issue. Says it is ok for these 5 people to be living in this one bedroom apartment. We have told her about out house smelling of marijuana because of the neighbors below us smoking. We told here there is a lot of foot traffic and random strangers go in and out of that apartment constantly all day every day and are only there for about 2 minutes. It is obvious the neighbor is dealing drugs. The landlord posted a letter saying she made the Baltimore County Police department aware of the problem. The apartment complex is in Anne Arundel County so I don't know if she even knows what shes doing. She also said in the letter that if anybody sees a lot of people going in and out of one specific apartment to let her know. I've done this already. The police say the most they can do is just tell them to be quiet and they cant do anything about the marijuana. I am stuck and have no idea what to do about how this landlord just doesn't care. I cant move out right now.
Asked Sep 21, 2016

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