What happens to a 13-14 year old boy during pubertyy?

I am a 13 year old girl and I am just wondering about these things that are happening to boys my age and don't have anyone to ask without it being weird haha.
1. Do they get bo*ers? If so how many? What makes them get bon*rs? How do they hide them? Do they embarrass them? Just a b*ner 101 haha I only know what happens inside of their body from school I don't know why, how many, and if they get them in the ages 13-14
2. Do they think about s**? If so do they just think about it as a whole or as it with a certain person?
3. Do voice cracks embarrass them? Or do they just think about it as something that just happens?
4. Do wet dreams happen around this age?
5. Any other things you think would be helpful to understand puberty of boys 13-14? Or any stories that you would like to share?
6. Am I weird to be wondering these things about them?
Thank you so much for all of your help!!!:)
Asked Sep 04, 2016
1. Welll I'm 13 years and 10 months old so I think I can explain this, as for getting one there are several reasons a.were aroused by something we think is sexy b. Something touchs us or we tap something with our penis by accident or c. Random bonors happen at random times, when I get a public bonor I pull it up and hold it down with my wasteband on my pants as for growth, yes, last year I was 3' now I'm 4.5' and yes they are embarrassing
2. Depends on the person most do but some don't and most see it with a certain person and as a whole
3. Again depends on the person
4. Depends how much he masturbates the more he masturbates the less wet dreams he gets
5. Puberty in men is very akward for us but overall the later guys his puberty the faster the overall growth of the penis and feelings, atleast from what ive seen. Also if a guy has his door closed and is by himself knock before you enter (I get off 2-3 times a day and im sure other guys at my age do too so yea, put 2 and 2 together)
6. No but, could you answer these for me

1. What age do girls have their first period
2. What do girls think about sex as a whole
3. What age do girls boobs start to grow
4. Do girls masturbate often or just a little bit or not at all

Answered Nov 25, 2016
Edited Nov 25, 2016

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