How to get rid of crazy,stupid mind thinking?

Anyone know fastest way how to get rid of crazy,stupid mind thinking?My mind makes me nervous everywhere I go.
Since I got married,I was first time living with a man and it was a big tention for me,I was sitting home all time alone And somehow my mind started to think crazy things,things which are not true ,things which I don t think and I don t care about.I never had this problem before so I don t understand how can I make my mind be quiet just like before I was when I wasn t married?I even did divorce cause I wasn t happy with my husband.
My mind thinks things out of nowhere for no reason.When I sit my mind starts think stupid,like I Peed myself,or when I am in bus my mind starts to think crazy things about people who sit in front of me or back or next to Me.When I go shopping my mind as well always think crazy that I don t get money back.I have to check receipt cause my mind is forcing me to check for no reason.I just cant stand it all time mind thinking stupid things which I don t want to think and which are not true and mean nothing to me?
How can I get rid of this crazy thinking which makes me crazy,nervous???I
Asked Sep 03, 2016

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