After being a stripper for several years how do I learn to trust again or is cheating inevitable?

I was a stripper for several years. During that time I learned that it does not matter how beautiful or amazing a woman was, nor how much the man loves her and their family, a guy will not only cheat, but actively seek out sex from strippers and call girls. I danced for a bachelor one night who was getting married the very next day. I danced for him all night while he showed me pictures of her on his phone and spoke of how much he loved her and couldn't wait to be her husband. He was really good looking and I can remember thinking, "WOW! I hope I'm lucky enough to find a guy who's so in love with me he can't stop talking about me to the stripper at his bachelors party!" AT the end of the night I was saying goodbye and he said to me "Name your price, we have a limo outfront". It's not just one group of guys, judges, lawyers, priests, doctors, government officials, shy computer nerds, teachers, astrophysicists--u name it. Every big brother and decent father has told his little sister/girl that guys are dogs not to be trused. Even guys say that! So how am I supposed to trust one? Or is cheating inevitable? My parents have been married going on 50 years. My dad had an affair on my mom for 13 years. I see my friends and can tell their husbands cheat. In fact, they know I know but that I won't tell on them.

The other night I was speaking with a guy I met online. We talked for over an hour and a half and he asked me to go out on Wednesday. We continued texting back and forth but when Wednesday evening rolled around he hadn't said anything about going out. I was finally like "are we going out or...." and he replied that he was waiting for his friend to come over and drop off a book and that he'd call me once he was gone. The guy ended up texting me 5 hours later claiming he had been practicing for an interview the entire time with his friend. If I were a normal naive girl, I would have accepted his apology, given him the benefit of the doubt, and allowed him to take me out the next night. I however told him to screw off knowing the only reason a guy breaks off a date with a girl is when plans pop up with a girl who's hotter. I wish I didn't know what I do but now that I do, how do I trust anyone? Or is monogamy not realistic and I should get over it?
Asked Aug 28, 2016

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