What is best way to learn english?

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Asked Aug 22, 2016
Practice is the only best method to learn anything.Same apply on learning english language. You have to communicate in english with your teachers, friends or every person with whom you talk. Watch english news/movies, read english newspapers. You can also join english courses. There are many sources who provide online english courses so you don't have to go anywhere. You can improve you english at your home or anywhere else you want to.
Answered Mar 09, 2017
The English language is an art, and it cannot be learned. Any kind of language takes time to understand and takes time to get the concepts of its grammar correct. I found Eye Level Bolingbrook is the perfect option for English learning.
Answered Jul 27, 2018
There are so many ways to learn English. Below I have mentioned some of the effective ways. Just check out these:
1. Try to learn different words
2. Add some music
3. Try, try and try again
4. Join online English forums
5. Get with the language
6. Learn English online(http://www.sevenenglish.cn/en/)

I hope now you can get your answer.
Answered 7 days ago

You can improve your English by following points:
Don't be afraid to make mistakes.
Surround yourself in English.
Practice every day.
Tell your family and friends about your study plan.
Practice the 4 core skills: reading, writing, speaking and listening.
Watch English film that will improve wording skills with knowledge.
Talk in English with your friends
Write a topic in English also rectify the errors in grammar checker tool like NOUNPLUS
Answered 5 days ago

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