How do I get someone I'm interested in to come over or spend time together

I met this woman at her place of business. She is a sales person. We started talking and really connected, and we exchanged numbers and have been talking and texting one another. She has told me that she is interested in having a relationship with me and I am totally ok with that as I wish for a relationship with her. The problem that I am having is it seems the only time I can see her is when I go in to see her at work. Every time she has made plans to come over She ends up not showing and hasn't called to let me know she can't make it. Though she still will call the next day. She calls me babe and tells me she loves me but I can't get her to spend any time together. When I ask her about when we can spend time together she gets upset and has even hung up on me a few times when I have. Any Ideas on how I can get her to spend time together and get to know one another better. This has nothing to do with sex either. We have not engaged in any type of sexual activity. A few kisses and hugs is as close as we have gotten. Any advice on what I might do to persuade her to spend time together would be gratefully appreciated, because I feel we won't go anywhere just seeing her while she is at work.
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Asked Aug 17, 2016

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