I'm 12 and want sex

I'm 12 years old and I just want to have sex I wanna feel a boy thrust in and out of me everyone tells me I'm too young but I feel like I'm ready I've already had my period and stuff
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Asked Aug 10, 2016
look your too young to worry about this kinda and seince your a minor any one who dose have sex with you is technically rapeing you and can be arrested for it
What's your phone number
Hi, I would advice you to talk to your parents or if you feel odd then talk to your mother , school teacher or elder sister ,you will definitely get your satisfaction reply.
Nothing unusual about that, a lot of girls have those thoughts and desires as young as 7 years old but you're at an age where those thoughts, desires and needs are more stronger then ever.

ignorance and conformity to societal beliefs is the reason most people think you're to young but if you do some research you'll find out that since the dawn of human history it has always been normal and natural for children to be sexual with each other as well as with adults, in fact it's only been about a 150 years ago that this new belief of thinking children as not having any sexual desires and to young to engage in any sexual activity started as the "social purity movement" back in 1860 and so you understand that this is nothing more then man made doctrine, only a group of peoples opinion or beliefs who basically brainwashed Victorian society in to believing in their agenda.

You don't need to have a period to have sex, a girl can engage in sexual activity before she begins having her periods as long as she makes that choice of her own free will, however you do need to be careful and practice safe sex and birth control so that you don't get any sexually transmitted infections or get pregnant.
Answered Aug 11, 2016
your 13 now right? im also 13 hmu on snap or something --- blazeroket89
Answered Nov 19, 2017
blazerocket89 is my snap
Do you have kik or sc?
Answered Mar 18, 2018
Text me 4846509477
Answered Aug 22, 2016

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