Yeast infection after UTI despite medication?

To give some background, I am staying in the US for 2 months from England. I have travel insurance which includes health coverage but has excess for each claim. 2 weeks ago I had the symptoms of a UTI, after trying to get rid of it myself I had no luck so reluctantly went to the ER as the clinic said I couldn't use my insurance. They prescribed me Bactrim for 5 days and a one off diflucan pill to take after the antibiotics to stop a yeast infection. After a couple of days my UTI symptoms stopped. 2 weeks later I am having burning in my vulva and itchiness when I walk. The burning is different to what I had during my UTI and is more intense. I am also not having the urgency to urinate but do feel slight increase in burning after urinating. My vagina itself seems slightly discoloured and abnormal and my labia look more red than usual. The main burning is happening in my labia. I also seem to be having more discharge than usual. I have started taking a yeast infection medication, the Rexall 3 day treatment. I started treatment last night and still have symtoms. I also don't have any discharge coming since putting the suppository, does this mean the medication isn't working or is it that I didn't have a yeast infection to begin with. Please only serious answers and understand that I would see a doctor but as I am here healthcare is very expensive and troublesome for me so if possible I'd rather try and treat myself.
Asked Aug 06, 2016
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