Snake eat me crocodiles or Hyenas ANYTHING REALLY

Snake eat me crocodiles or Hyenas or dogsoes anyone have a big snake that would love to eat me? I'm 245 lb juicy humans and wants to become snake food. I don't care where the snake starts consuming me but I prefer being eaten alive with being coiled up and being eaten from the feet up (so I can have the full experience). It has always Been my dream to be eaten by a snake!!! I will do anything to make your Snake feel comfortable well he consumes me. You can even season me if you want to!!!If you want to you can even rub me with animal fur so I smell more good tasting to the snake. I will even enter the snake unclothed so your snake can digest me better. I am totally serious about this!!! I would like my snake consumer in the USA . I would like to know how big the snake eater is and I would love to see a photo of it so I get more motivated. You can even fatten me up more!!! There is only one of me so be the first to make SNAKE FOOD!! I JUST CAN'T WAIT TO BE EATEN BY THE SNAKE!!!! I wonder what it would feel like to be digested. Also wonder what being in a snake feels. I WANT TO BE EATEN BY YOUR PET or dog or crocodiles SNAKE!!! email
Asked Aug 02, 2016

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