Where can I get free shoes from that has been used I use them for an flower arrangement video?

I am looking any free shoes boys school shoes or trainers or women shoes so I can use it for a flower arrangement for YouTube channel but I do NOT want to buy one any just for that the video put oasis in it and soon done the video I take flowers to bits and then will take the shoes to the charity shops.
So this kind thing I am doing do the link will show you a photo of kind thing I am doing but this photo is going on the end of my video show them what else you can do if thy do want to mine { The video I doing is called How to make a Gay and Straight Shoes Flower }Arrangement https://postimg.orghttps://postimg.org/image/440lwvnfb/c20e165d//image/440lwvnfb/c20e165d/https://postimg.org/image/440lwvnfb/c20e165d/ I could freecycle but when look any else I not shoes only one ask Nike trainer sin size 8 so any can help out please this meant be before but I try think where get shoes from but I do ant use mine as thy in my clear shoes box look after and LOVE THEM TO MUCH my 2 smart shoes and trainers.
Any can help let know please this I look forward to do
Anonymous User
Anonymous User
Asked Jul 30, 2016

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