What are the best ways to boost your business with CRM?

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Asked Jul 26, 2016
Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software solutions are highly scalable applications designed to enable businesses to realize their goals with functional customer insights and analytics, as well as streamline an organization’s productivity and overall efficiency processes.
By leveraging CRM software solutions, businesses are able to process customer data and interactions, automate sales and marketing, and manage and support employee and resource performance.
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Answered Feb 16, 2018
Edited Feb 16, 2018
Before making a perfect choice of CRM you need to Ask yourself that ; Is it suitable for your business? Does it work for B2B or B2C? What are the cost implications in the future? and most importantly, Is it easy to use?
CRM platforms are crucial tools to manage your company’s interactions with current and potential future customers
Many CRM in the market provides a free trial or a free basic version. I have chosen TUGBIZ. TUGBIZ is an all-in-one marketing, sales and service automation platform with a free CRM that was designed to be the affordable answer to expensive marketing software.
TUGBIZ offers the following marketing features:
1. Run email marketing campaigns
2. Create email sequences
3. Track customer behaviors and automate marketing efforts
4. Create beautiful forms & landing pages
5. Monitor social media for mentions
6. Contact Management
7. Task Management
9. Marketing Automation
10. Sales Automation & CRM
11. Appointment Scheduling
12. Telephony
13. Advanced Helpdesk Ticketing

Answered Jul 16, 2019
Edited Jul 16, 2019
CRM, which stands for Customer Relationship Management is a software that is widely known and used by many companies. If you think a customer relationship management (CRM) strategy is only for enterprise companies, then think Twice. CRM is essential for every SMBs.
The right strategies to boost your business with the CRM software
1. Know your customers
2. Put a value on your customers
3. Have all your information in one place
4. Test and refine your marketing
5. Improve your sales figures
6. Boost customer retention
7. Up-sell and cross-sell
8. Increase your efficiency and reduce costs
9. Spot trends and monitor changes
10. Find new customers using your data
11. Run email marketing campaigns
12. Monitor social media for mentions
13. Track customer behaviors and automate marketing efforts
14. Contact Management and Task Management

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Make the CRM software easy to use for your internal customers, your employees.
Track customer behavior throughout the sales cycle.
Don't think of -- or use -- CRM as a standalone sales automation system. ...
Get in sync.
Keep data up to date.
Be social.

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Answered Jul 18, 2020
Hi, before you make the perfect choice of CRM, you need to ask yourself; is it suitable for your business? Does this function for B2B or B2C Most importantly, is it easy to use? CRM systems are essential tools for handling the company's relationships with existing and potential future customers. If are you looking best crm software in india for home or commercial purpose. then, you can visit us our website to get more info about crm software Technology Counter is an online software recommendation platform . We help businesses , professional and organisations find the best software solution. https://technologycounter.com/crm-software

Answered Oct 30, 2020

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