I feel like I don't fit in with my family

I feel so different from some of my family like my sisters my brothers and my mom I feel like I fit in best with my dad here is the story: So my mom and dad got married when they were 18 and 19 (Now they are 42 and 43) when I was growing up all of us girls would wear only skirts which was fine with us we were kinda I guess you could say church jumping we were going to church to church then we found a good church and started to go then we stopped going then about 5ish years ago we came back to that same church and were still going to it today and basically 2 or 3 years ago my mom and sisters started to wear pants that was no problem and I wore them for about a year then I made some choices and I started to wear only skirts so then I gave my mom a pair of pants that she wanted and I said "here you can have these" and she said " I told you we could share them" and then I told her "Well I don't wear pants anymore so I would just end up turning them into a skirt" and then she rolled her eyes and made a face and I don't know why my mom doesn't like the fact that I wear only skirts again she even one time asked me if someone at our church told me that I had to wear skirts and I told her No I made the choice, it make me feel sad that my mom thinks that our church changed my mind because our church loves everybody no matter what their wearing . And my dad said that he is proud of me for the choices that I made that that I have kept them for a whole year but I feel like my mom and I aren't as close anymore because I started to go to church every Sunday and Sunday night and Wednesday night I just don't know what to do anymore I want to ask my mom why she doesn't like the fact that I made all these choices but I don't what her to get mad at me or anything I love my mom she is a great mom but I want her to love and accept me for who I am I have a great family but me my sisters my brothers and my mom are so different I always feel like me whenever I'm around people from my church at home I feel invisible and if not that I'm getting yelled at cause I did something wrong I don't want to sound like I'm complaining but I just what to do something right I'm so confused and I randomly feel like crying sometimes and then if I'm around my mom or sisters or brother I hold my tears back cause I don't want to just randomly start crying in front of them what should I do?
Asked Jul 25, 2016

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