Number of police shootings vs. serious bleeds?

Hi everyone,

I'm looking for some guidance (or direct answers) on where I might find statistics for the following:

1) I am interested in seeing how many police involved shootings there are a year.

2) More particularly, I'd like to find how many police involved shootings there are a year in which the officer discharges enough rounds he must reload and continue the firefight.

3) I'd also like to know how many instances a year an officer is injured with severe/hemorrhaging bleeding. This could be due to any cause including assaults (firearm/knife/etc) and car crashes.

4) Likelihood of an officer encountering ANYONE suffering from a severe bleed (like a car crash victim) over likelihood of discharging firearm.

Reason: I'm trying to inform people (police, private contractors, citizens who conceal carry) of the NEED to carry essential medical supplies like a tourniquet on their person. If you carry a gun for defense, you should carry a tourniquet for survival.

I know many many police carry multiple back-up magazines for their weapon on their person, but only have medical supplies in their vehicle. Which is no help if you aren't right at your vehicle when you get shot.

I suspect that police are more likely to find themselves in a situation where they (or a partner) are bleeding severely and need medical attention ASAP then they are to discharge a firearm enough to need a reload. Essentially asking "why carry magazines and not a tourniquet if you are more likely to need a tourniquet?".

I'm not suggesting they shouldn't carry extra mags, but I get the response of "eh, I have too much stuff on my belt". My point being that it should be a priority over other items then or make it work because you are more likely to need it.

Trying to save lives, but looking to back-up my statements with statistics/facts. I know it is difficult to get national U.S. statistics for police in matters like this. With that in mind, I'd even be interested in similar data on a smaller but reliable platform (like NYPD, Boston PD, etc).

Thanks in advance
Asked Jul 22, 2016

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