Need to know what I just found on my bed!?

I had just woke this morning when I notice a decent sizing white ball on my bed then noticed 2 more under my blanket. Now to go into a more detailed description, it has a rubbery feel to it, an off white color, one of them had a deflated look to it like something came out of it. It does have a cocoon look to it but the color put me off of that idea. No reaction when I picked them up or anything like that but still a little spooked by them. Any theory would help thank you! Also I just washed my sheets and bedding the day before I found these.
Asked Jul 18, 2016
Umm, it could be a spider's egg sac. Don't know for sure, but it could be. Call an exterminator, just to be safe.
Answered Jul 18, 2016

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