How to break up with a friend?

I've been his mate for 3 years and he is a bit of an alcoholic but he has cut down a bit but he is skits phrenic.He never wants to do what I want to do and has some lame excuse for not doing it like not liking being around crowds or he has a poly arm (I asked to go to bingo,bowling and restaurant) but yet he can drink in a pub all day where there is a crowd.We arranged to go on holiday and I put the deposit down and he couldn't pay when he said he could he said argos automatically took money out his account but yet I saw him buy a laptop myself in the shop.So I pretended I didn't notice and said i'd give him an extra month and if he still couldn't pay i'd have to cancel the holiday.Now the time has come to pay and he still has an excuse not to go on holiday,he said he has a medical check up to go to and he can't change the date but yet when I asked my uncle who has medical check ups he said you can change them any time up to the day before you go.So I said i'd phone the holiday company up and change the holiday dates and he still didn't want to go.We were meant to be going to the Cotswolds and by the sounds of his voice the hole time we were meant to be going he didn't seem like he wanted to go.Originally I said lets go to Bridlington but he didn't want to so he said scarbrough but it was to expensive.So i'm starting to get fed up of him now because he's starting to take the mick and I recently heard he just uses people then moves on to the next person.
Asked Jul 16, 2016
Edited Jul 16, 2016

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