I think I am being stalked what can I do

I am not sure who is stalking be but I think its a bunch of people possibly from a church it could be one of my parents thats organizing it because it starts of my father finds out where I am. They arent approaching me directly or vary rarely approach me and they seem more to be venting than wanting to talk to me but they want money and they think because I gave them money I owe them money forever when I stopped giving money I heard people saying that I am not giving them money I dont owe them money but they are saying I do. When I give them money they dont stop bothering me and blame me for not doing other things I wasnt even thinking about. If I dont do something my dad wants me tells me that I should have foresaw that he wanted it. I know other people dont meet my dads expectations he has high IQ and expects a lot from people and they rarely give it to him cause they arent as smart. I find myself having a urge to complain when I am around my dad I found I tried to keep it in but he has told me I am not to hide things and to let everything out but he doesnt want me to complain and he gets very very angry if I say something that bothers him or he tells other people I complained and Im bad. I am an adult but he feels the need to protect me from everyone. I get bullied if my dad finds out where I am by random people who apparently know who I am and think I know they have it out for me. My dad seems to think I am entirely incapable and I am undeserving of friendship and talked to me like nothing I do is valuable. Dad told me he would gaslight me if I told anyone he hurt me.
Asked Jul 15, 2016
Edited Jul 15, 2016

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