Based on these descriptions what would their names be?

Character #1
North American female, 22 years old, brown hair, hazel eyes, Caucasian,five foot eight inches tall, noticeably overweight.
Deaf since birth, terribly far sighted, stretch marks from gaining weight so quickly, and many more from chicken pox.
Has issues with fatigue and adrenal dysfunction.
She is very sweet, but shy to the point of being socially crippled.
All too often she hides rather then socialize, she never had a very close friend in school.
Her biggest flaw is she does not like to face her problems and hides behind a false persona of bravado and confidence when problems arise.
She is a master story teller (obviously to a fault )and is a gifted poet, and a fair artist to.
(Very prone to jealousy)
She spends most of her time at home either doing yard work, or reading or doing stuff online.
In school she struggled because she kept falling asleep in class, and there for missed a great deal of information.
On the other hand a percent of the teachers refused to work with her because of her disability.

Character #2
North American female, 19 years old, light brown hair, green eyes, Caucasian, five foot two inches tall, thin perhaps a bit underweight.
She very small and kind of frail, has circulation problems, and scoliosis of the spine.
For a long period of time she was stuck at home because she could not keep much food down and vomited multiple times on a daily basis.
Highly ambitious in her academic career dispute her health throwing numerous curve balls at her over the years.
She is a lady of many talents which include playing piano, singing,and practicing archery.
As of now she is working through high school and plans on becoming a doctor someday.
It is very likely that like her father she has ocd.
She has been in the spelling bee and made it to nationals.
She speaks French and is now learning Chinese and Spanish.
Her number one pet peeve is people who say "You'll go to hell for that!".

Character #3
North American female, 50 years old, auburn hair, pale green eyes, Caucasian,five foot seven, still carrying weight from having children.
She has issues with flat feet, suffered from Mono as a child,has one scar on her leg from a bone removal surgery,and a broken spine.
She is aging, but still wonderfully beautiful after all these years.
She is a masseuse by profession, and has extensive knowledge of healing plants and how to treat wounds.
Photography is one oh her main hobbies, she stop to photograph anything she sees that she likes.
Mostly this consist of flowers, random squirrels, her daughters and husband,and often if not just weird random crap.
She often does sound effects for radio plays and sometimes even play a role or two.
Her favorite role was Madam Evonna,the narrator, in the play of Dracula.
Has been given hell for homeschooling her daughters, and doesn't really care for the school system.

Character #4
North American male, 60 years old, white hair, mismatch eyes one blue one brown (heterochromia), Caucasian, five foot ten inches, normal weight.
Has numerous surgery scars, the biggest being two scars from surgery on his aorta that stretch from his chest to his back.
Because they were sewed weirdly it gives him the appearance of being half melted.
He loves his tractors to the point of it being weird.
This man has many issues, and it shows.
He loves his wife and daughters very much, but is unable to express it, he is too ill to work or hold a job.
Much to he dismay of his family he tend to take out his frustration on them rather verbally.
Character #1 has often been a target of these fits.
He spanked her once,and then felt so bad about it he never did it again.
He likely suffers from some form of PTSD.

Character #5
North American male, 23 years old, dark brown hair, dark brown eyes, Caucasian, at least five foot nine, thin well defined mussels.
He is prone to bouts of vertigo, and cannot look straight up with out passing out.
Because he works as a stone mason he is frequently sore and fatigued on a bad day of work.
He is very loving towards Character #2, and she to him.
Has a massive inferiority complex, and needlessly so.
Is very fed up with his mother's hording habits.
Plays along with Character#2's cross dressing, meaning she makes him wear the dress instead of vice versa.
Does not know how to cook worth a damn.
He likes to play video games.
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