Mother betrayed me?

I'm a little confused. My brother has been dating this girl for a couple of years. She has done numerous things and caused a lot of drama in our family. My father has always said she's not the one for my brother etc and we always tried to convince him its not true. About 6 months ago she started getting weird with me and done some things that really got to me and I didn't understand where it came from. see, I have always been a "loner" and she kinda new that, so she started hammering on it. She excluded me and disrespected my mother. She spread rumors and my mother was very upset about that. There is no chance that my brother is going to leave her although we made him aware of things. So here comes the part where i'm struggling. I completely got rid of her in my life and things are better. My mother had a big part in this, whenever she's upset about things she would tell me about it and ill tell her just to stop worrying about this girl, but that wasn't the case yesterday. I went on my mothers phone and saw my brothers girlfriend and mom had a conversation and it was a "happy" chat (if that makes sense) a lot of emojis etc. I confronted my mother about it and she said it was nothing. She also stated that iam being unnecessary and shouldn't be upset with her anymore and forgive. My mother is aware that this girl always made me feel out of place, excluded me, got with my ex boyfriend, flirts with guys in front of me (while she's in a relationship with my brother), disrespected my mother, made a lot of drama in our family that my mother always cries about and that they're doing things behind the families back and the list goes on. I feel betrayed by my mother she had a HUGE part in also making feel the way I feel about this girl. I don't know what to do. I love my mother dearly and she's my best friend. I do everything for her. Im the only daughter.This makes us fight and I start to get really nasty - I dislike being like that. I feel empty. What should I do?
Asked Jul 10, 2016

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