Anyone know any really creepy nursery rhymes?

"Peppa Pig" follows the adventures of the titular, anthropomorphic animal along with her family and friends. Each of her friends is a different kind of animal - with a last name matching the type of animal each is. Although they are human like in many ways, the characters still display characteristics of their species - such as the Rabbit family being fixated with carrots. More info at
Asked Jul 09, 2016
I'm not exactly sure if this is considered a nursery rhyme but there's a vocaloid song called kagome kagome wich I think might b based on true events of these horrific experiments performed on children 2 make them immortal. Although I don't know if they became immortal in real life (maybe they did) the children went insane and forced others 2 play this creepy game called kagome kagome but idk exactly how it's played. Hope that helped u :) ps there's also a vocaloid song called Alice of human sacrifice based in real murders if u want 2 check that out 2!
Answered Jul 10, 2016

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