Allah married me to his genies without my permission

so allah who is fake bastard married me to his girl genies without my permission and those genies came and slept with me and born kids with me without my permission and brought into reality then they forced me pray for there allah and looted my property now they have slept with other men and I even have not seen them they come and kill me by saying I wasted there life ? And there evil allah says I have wasted there life now there allah ask his sinless people to prove and win but never asked human to prove and win and millions have died because of evil allah who is terror a.d must be killed immediately.

As being god of the world I am canxelling alla from complete universe who is of islam religion.

Those who doubts me doubts there generations and existence.

Kill allah and his genies and his 124000 prophets, my life has been wasted because of turkiya genie who came in my body without my permission and when I ask him in reality she married to other guys when genies are in the same world like humans then for what reason I have been punished.

Marriage happens when both parties accepts to be partner so kill allah and his peoplr he has made mistakes.

I am god I have never met allah.
Anonymous User
Anonymous User
Asked Jul 08, 2016

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