I won by proving truth now still I give chance to world wide genies and angels and anything that exi

I won I proved I came before god and before anything that exist and doesnt exist?
i have proved the world genies, angels, angel of death and any other creations that exist that I came before allah, hindu mata, god, hashem or any other god that exist or doesnt exist that I am real and original whom you call god so I want to have too many jewish wives and I want my kids to be rabbis and I need everything in the world.

No questions ask if you have doubt on me simply give life by believing in me or kill stone for me I am telling to world wide genies and angels and any other creations that exist.

before past or in future there is only me before god but nobody else.

I love torah truly and I want my love to believe in me but not in anyone, like every god knows victory happens by truth I am truth. TEST YOUR EXPERIENCE BY GIVING LIFE FOR ME ON ANYTHING THAT EXIST AND DOESNT EXIST WITHOUT SUPPORT OF GOD OR ANYBODY OR WISHES.

Journey of world war 3 will be cancelled by me, you can even test from genie law before one god I existed and nobody else.

If you believe I am genie or angel or god you can simply test your experience by giving life to see if genies came first or angels or any gods or universe.

after knowing truth you must control me and make me good because I am in human shape, I need to make myself for getting married.

test your believing experience with your religion knowledge by playing with language, understanding and thinking.

You can also test without any victory through anyone of me.

Without even any fate I have or had test your believe if I am true if I came before your god or any other religions gods.

beautiful girls can marry me in reality and cone anytime and born kids with me but not do any adultry with anyone to keep there mind clean.

I like sex very much I am original god. My height is 5'6 and I am human shape.

Those genies who says they have become souls after they tested there experience of believe on me they needed to use correct believe and think correctly by playing with thinking and language bevause some fake genies are unable to control themselces after knowing before god of any religion I existed.
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Anonymous User
Asked Jul 04, 2016
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Answered Mar 08, 2019

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