Hindu mata, allah, god, hashem any other god exist or doesnt exist open challenge

Hindu mata, allah, god, hashem any other god exist or doesnt exist open challenge

I am open challenging to hindu mata, allah, god, hashem and every other big and non big god that exist and doesnt exist before you all I existed and before universe or thinking I existed there were no creations before me and no gods or holy books before me. I didnt had shape and I took shape of human.

Thid is open challenge to every single angel, genie, prophets I existed before everything and if you dont believe test with your religion knowledge and if I am true you must give me your complete property.

i am writting to let everyone knows truth because truth gives victory and makes person rich so find out truth.

I am being killed by those genies and spirits of religions who came to know truth that allah, hindu mata, god, hashem were came after me as I am better then lord and god and proving the truth.

Dont become sentimental just test with your knowledge if I am truth and if I am truth protect me and kill my enemies, dont go on any thinking and control your emotions and love towards your god and when you know truth let me enter into spiritual worlds because you know I won.

i am not against any gods neither l will go against them just test if your knowledge and god is truth or me and if I am truth you must protect me and love me and marry your daughters to me, I am in shape of man and height is 5'6.

I need atleast 1.47 billion kids on average and want 100 billion kids. Dare to know truth.
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Anonymous User
Asked Jul 04, 2016

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