Unbelievable truth of muslims can you believe it

as soon as I said here on yahoo answers I am torah heif and god and before universe and god I exsted which is truth suddenly muslim genies who were my enemies one named karaar touched his stomach with my stomach and other muslims from hashem nagar did the same, then suddenly one genie girl came from abudhabi,uae naked whom muslims claimed married to me and with whom I have kid in world of allah and she started doing sex with genie karaar by shaking her butts I felt it then both went out from my left leg and genie karaar said you didnt sin it was in the name of allah.

Then to save himself he took the naked genie girl interview to show to world that I am abusive and cheat. Both were naked.

then suddenly I felt one christian doing the same thing and sent genie girls and forced to sleep with man in my left leg. I am god she ignored it.

I mean how is this possible I am god and girl genies have been married to me in different religions and thete religion gods doesnt do anything except giving bad royalty to current god with whom they have kids.

Dont ypu feel this is trained by there gods who are doing this because I said truth that I existed before god and thinking.

I feel so shame because god is always good and cannot be bad and cannot force wives to sleep with others other then husband especially in islam religion.

dont you feel unbelievable its happening from hashem nagar where genies claim they have come to give me rulership and prestige but did you see the truth.

I am ashamed.

True love will never do this, even genie law who says we believe in one god cannot make life bad and do adultry by just letting genies believing in genie law as the law is just made up by person but not by god.

I pray truth wins and everybody in the genie world and other worlds comes to know truth of gods who believe they cannot do mistakes.
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Anonymous User
Asked Jul 04, 2016

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