Help me hashem I need your help

Help me hashem, first muslims force me do sins by coming inside my mind and stomach and by writting in stomach and mind to do stomach, I told there imam mahdi what happened and he knows but still he wants nme to eat shit and drink piss because his and islam knowledge is not working on me, whenever muslims are losing from me when I pray to hashem as they know I am someone they are forcing me to think bad by putting mind threads and coming in mind to spit and do sins on there religious places and they are recording videos and playing games with the world by remembering of dreams.

i didnt remember muslims how they forced me do sins for 7 and half years, god if you cant control muslims I request you to finish them as I want muslims to be finished forever because I prayed to there allah and said what is happening with me and muslims are keep coming and killing me since 29 years. Until I think the world doesnt know and muslims doesnt let me think so the world knows it.

Now what shall I do ? Please suggest me whenever I believe in you they are forcing me to erase my memory and says not to believe in god and be there servant so they can force me to love you hashem and they become rich.

Since the time you have given me planets and universe and god, muslims and other religions is killing me by first controlling me and thefting property from me and putting on there religions and giving me all there sins and killing me since 29 years.

Where is your prophets hashem and sons of you, there is no help. When my mind is not in control I cannot do anything and when I win they fear me or become friend by erasing my memory or giving me love towards my family so I become muslim I never met allah but I met you hashem.

whenever I win and muslims looses they come in my stomach by believing and put there sins on me and leave and I have not seen any genies or angels until now from your worlds.

I am mentally tortured and forced to do sins and I dont knoe hoe to wash my sins. Everybody is becoming in control of muslims named agha hussain, shabbir, hasan, turkiya, saleha, agha mohd and kaneez and wahid uddin hyder who are trying to change time again and again by taking names of allah then god then mata through me.

I dont understand what angels and underworld police and angel of death is doing.

If hashem genies and angels or angels of death cannot control worlds then leave the job or listen to my commands as I am god writting in reality and make me rich in 2 days in reality so I leave india and my enemies dies.

I am waiting for your help hashem.

I am torah heif I dont know hebrew language neither I can bring any poewers in reality.

I need your help hashem.

Your love, please tell your genies and angels if I am torah heif or not but dont ask me how I become torah heif or why I am torah heif. I sm indian and knows urdu and hindi and english language only.

Anonymous User
Anonymous User
Asked Jul 03, 2016
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Mr Jeffery
Answered Jun 23, 2021

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