Hekp me hashem I need your help badly my life is in danger

help me hashem, I dont know how there is one god and does that one god needs language and understanding from living beings to take action through thinking for them to live lifes, once you have met the one, hashem that the one cannot do mistakes so how the one can be sinner when he doesnt do mistakes and after you have met the one if the planets run by winning and losing through thinking then is that you who gives winning or losing because when humans wins they gets good thinking and when other human looses they gets bad thinking so you are with truth like the torah says and you cannot give bad thinking to anyone to sin so are you real god who controls the planets or you also need winning to get thinking so human loses from you when humans gets bad thinking because god is always in purity so I say god doesnt needs language or understanding or even thinking or act of any human so you give winning or loosing to humans on action through proving and winning from language and understanding otherwise there is no god but just unseen god who is never seen and the nature is known to be god with known different names of god, as different religion says there power increases when they take there gods names. So how many real gods are there except you from whom you are loosing through thinking.

If there was only one god then he knows everything truly about humans and doesnt loses from any other human from thinking because you give winning and loosing to those who proves and wins through language and understanding immediately on thinking and truth says god wants you to pray for winners but for loosers god never says he wants you to sin otherwise god will be called evil, you already know the one who looses thinks and have mind so if you have mind then you were born by someone who cannot be god and anyone can win from you by thinking through language and understanding the winner knows nature gives winning and loosing to living beings for sinning and praying from thinking upon proving to those who thinks on the planets so dont you feel its winning by taking name of one god from all living beings and beings who thinks from the planets and the winner says they get winning from one god as the truth is that if someone is wrong or lie looses and not believer of one god and any non human can control human from your unseen world and force him do sins and upon proving through language and understanding you give winning even to liars so are you real god that needs to be called for help by taking your name so you help them which is run in nature by genies and everybody knows truth gives victory so all the religions says there is one god but the secret is they have different gods and to win from other gods they do anything to win by giving bad thinking. So are you my real god who can help me even if I dont take your real name and just let me enter into your world like others have entered your world by calling one god from different names I am being killed since 29 years through thinking who are controlling me because those who are killing me claims to be from one god believers and I am unable to find who is evil and who is god because you have kept let all religions enter in your world where anyone can control anyone and win from thinking and force do sins to humans.

I love you truly but I might have learned to love you or you know better everything about me because I believe in purity as you are always in truth, I dont know what you have given me but my everything was stolen by your unseen world people and I didnt get what I wished for in this world. I am poor now and I want to be rich and live with my family forever.

I am waiting for your help, help me hashem.
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Asked Jul 01, 2016

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