What are the flaws or loop holes in walmart's camera system?

Are there blind spots in Walmart's surveillance system? and if so where are they?
I recently was wrongfully accused of shoplifting at a walmart and they say they have camera evidence of me doing so (which they don’t since I didn’t steal anything). But they say they have surveillance of me that indicates I was attempting or showing intent to steal. All I have in my defense is my word and the fact that I didn’t actually steal anything. But then again the Walmart employee made a convincing enough argument for the police officers they called to give me a ticket. So now I have a court date and my question is what loop holes in Walmart’s camera system can I exploit to prove I’m innocent? Or how do I show I did not steal anything when they have “footage” of me showing intent? Or are they lying? Do could they possibly have that would Imply I intended to steal? And what would be needed (statements, Footage, etc) for them to convict me in a court of law?
Asked Jun 30, 2016

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