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figure out all the possible gametes a particular F1 individual can make. The genotypes of the parents of the F1 individual were FFpphhEE and ffPPHHee. What do the letters mean? See below.
Character: complexion. Traits: Freckles (dominant) and no freckles (recessive.) Represented with F f
Character: finger number. Traits: Six fingers (dominant) and five fingers (recessive.) Represent with P p
Character: body hair. Traits: Abundant body hair (dominant) and little body hair (recessive.) Represent with H h.
Character: eyebrow shape. Trait: Normal (dominant) and unibrow (recessive) Represent with E e
First, tell me the GENOTYPE of the F1 individual.
Second, tell me the PHENOTYPE of the F1 individual AND that of both parents.
Then list for me ALL the possible gametes this quad-hybrid F1 tell me how many possible combinations (of offspring traits) are possible if the F1 individual is bred to an individual with the same genotype.
Finally, calculate for me the probability that the F1 individuals have either a child with all recessive alleles
Asked Jun 30, 2016
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