Do you know any weird facts about WWE superstars?

EDIT: SORRY IT WAS BRUTUS "THE BARBER BEEFCAKE WHO WAS SUPPOSED TO FACE HONKY TONK MAN NOT BUTCH REED. HE REPLACED HONKY IN 1987 FOR AN IC TITLE MATCH.What's up Guys!? Just a quick video I made on 10 Random WWE Facts! Please let me know in the comments below if you didn't know at least one fact on the list! Hope You Enjoy! My next video will be Episode 2 of Behind the Titantron. I won't tell you the title but it's on one of the most Charismatic wrestlers who stepped foot in the ring. Hello Guys, It's Wrestlelamia and after a brief hiatus I'm back! I wanted to introduce to you a new series, called Behind the Titantron, where ill be covering topics on the more controversial side of Wrestling. This might not be subject to only the WWE, there have been many conspiracies and controversies in other federations over the years. Most Federations will of course attempt to bury these topics but what I want to give you is an in depth look at some of the darker moments that have happened in wrestling and how it changed or could have changed wrestling as a whole!
Asked Jun 25, 2016
Yes Wrestlelamiacs, that's right! 50 facts of the WWE in one video!

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50 AMAZING facts of the WWE
AMAZING facts about WWE
Answered Nov 21, 2016
Wrestlers are truly actors but in the world of wrestling they are not allowed to reveal this secrets that they are playing characters. This is reality that WWE is scripted and that superstars (wrestler) often rehearse before their matches.
Answered Sep 21, 2017
Despite a highly successful run with the WWE from 1987 to 1992, amongst years in WCW and a later WWE return, Jake Roberts never won a major wrestling championship of any kind.Here are the more information about Tough Enough Winners.
Answered Dec 06, 2017
Wrestlers are genuinely performing artists yet in the realm of wrestling they are not permitted to uncover this privileged insights that they are playing characters. This is reality that WWE is scripted and that whizzes (wrestler) regularly practice before their matches.
Answered Dec 07, 2017

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