Do you think he has a crush or just doing his job and would you ask him out or just leave it alone?

people tend to think im a teen still in high school, but im a grown adult woman and well the city bus driver is sexxi as hell....and today he did a 360 degree turn to look me directly in my eyes just smiling his azz off and he was like "hey little lady"....I said hi, smiled and sat down...and as I got off the bus he looked at me again and told me to have a nice day.....should I tell him how old I really am, I do like him.... but I have vowed to never approach a man again...cuz things didn't turn out the way I had hoped the last time I did that.......I was almost on an episode of

today he was just smiling with his head down when he seen me....should I ask him why does he act all giddy around me? he looks to be about 36 yrs old


Asked Jun 19, 2016
Tell him. If u like somone you should just ask them out if you get rejected live gose on.
Answered Jun 20, 2016
Don't mind my name it's stupid.
thanks, u all good with the screen name, ive seen worse....I was thinking about slipping him my name and number on a piece of paper...ive done that in the past and men have told are too good for me after we have an hour long convo....that is why I don't want to do that....hell im tempted to tell him my age if he calls me little lady again

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