How do I regain his trust?

Haiii, sorry this is kinda long, ok so theres this guy and I love my eyes no one compares to him, he's just amazing. So we met like a little less than a year ago but honestly I feel as if I've been through so much more with him than I have with others that I've known longer than this amount of time. We started off as friends and I mean I had a small crush on him in the beginning, and he had one on me. My crush grew as time went on whereas he would say he liked me but then say he only liked me as a friend and he would go back and forth. As time went on he was the one that was always there for me and I always tried being there for him when he felt suicidal, he helped me get through so many problems and helped me with my depression. Then like in the end of March/beginning of April he confessed to me that he loved me and that I was his everything and all this other stuff and we were happy at first but then I started doubting myself and if I was good enough so I would say things that kind of brought back his anxiety and lowered him and made him doubt himself but we still were together then one day he randomly left me and I was confused and hurt and blamed it all on him (now I know it wasn't his fault he just didn't want to keep being hurt by me and my childish ungrateful behavior) so we ignored each other for 2 months straight then one day we kinda started talking again and he asked if I forgave him for leaving which of course I did and so we started talking again but over the next few days he would change between distant and close and playful so then I confronted him about it and we had a long argument (this is when I learned he wasn't the one to blame and that I actually hurt him more than I thought). He said he still hadn't forgiven me after all these months for doubting him and all that other stuff and that he lost the trust he had for me (back when we were together he said he trusted me more than anyone so that kinda hurt that he doesn't trust me now) he said that I made it clear our memories meant nothing to me because I was hoeing around at first when he left me (I mean we weren't together anymore and I felt numb I didnt know what to do but I know now it wasnt the best thing to do) but I explained to him that I made a mistake, I was hurt by him leaving me and those other people meant nothing to me so we kept talking and in the end he decided to give me one last chance to regain his trust but I really don't know how and I'm scared because hes the best thing that's ever happened to me and I don't want to lose him again and I know I've fucked up a lot but I'm trying to be a better person now, btw sorry this was long and I kept rambling lol
Asked Jun 19, 2016
you need to tell him the truth. that you thought you started to doubting if you were good enough. this will help a lot. as for the rest it will just take time. but you need to be honest with him be blunt so that he fully understands how you feel. I hope this helps.
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