Relationship ending? dont know what to do?

So I really really need some advice. I am at a point to where I dont know what to do anymore. Ive been in a relationship with him before. Like 6 yrs ago. July will make a year we have been back together. We have a 6 yr old son together and one on the way. Im 7 months pregnant with his second son. How do I start off with this? Im trying to be the best gf I can be. I cook, I clean, I wash his clothes, I make his plate, I even pick out his clothes and they are ready for when he wants to ahower. I pick out his work clothes, I take care of bills, I take care of our son. He doesnt lift a finger qhen hes home. I am constantly ignored. He swears up and down that he loves me but does not show it at all. He doesnt care to feel the baby move, nor ask me how im feeling, he plays no part in my pregnancy at all. He gets drunk and says mean and hurtful things to me. Only way I get attention is he has to be high as a cloud and them I might get an I love you. I might!!!!!! He pays me no attention. He never wants ro spend any tike with me. Hes even told another girl that he has feelings for her and was dedicating love songs to her on facebook and I found them and still says that it was my fault he did that. He gets mad and vlames me for things that go missing arpund the house. Like his lighter which I did not touch was behind the bed and all I said was can you stop blaming me please and he said id much rather be single. Ive tried to talk to him about the way I feel and he cant do anything but turn it arpund and make it about himself. He never listens to anything I have say. I dont know what I am doing qrong. I havent done anything wrong except take care of my son and him and myself of course for the one on my way. I am not happy at all. All I want is for him to see the hurt and the sadness he is causing and he wont. He doesnt take the time to see. I dont know what to do. Help please! Please! I already suffer from depression and panic attacks and anxiety attacks. Hes making it worse. What do I do?
Asked May 13, 2016

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