Is Andrew Raposo's "Flat Belly Overnight" method really as successful as it's touted to be?

I found out yesterday about Andrew Raposo's miracle cure to end weight problems (based on drinking herbal teas, proper eating habits, etc.) and how it literally saved his sister's life. I am quite convinced that the story he relates about his sister is true in all respects, but I am quite skeptical that his system will work immediately in erasing excess pounds for anyone who tries it. If it were that simple - it would put the weight-loss business out of comission in no time at all. (I'm not denying that it can do wonders for those whose metabolism is geared to respond positively to this particular method, but a "secret cure-all" solution for mankind would simply not remain "in the box" for long.)

When I tried searching for various reviews on the subject, they all (including search words "raposo scam") seem to basically endorse the method, and - curiously - even to solicit it.

I want to know - objectively - the success rate and the pros and cons of this approach.
Asked May 04, 2016

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