Does he like me, is he intimated by me, or just not interested?

I really like this guy but I'm not sure if he likes me, is intimidated by me, or just isn't interested in me at all? I can't tell if he looks at me or stares at me or not because since I like him I'm always looking away from him, especially when he walks by me. He used to sit by me in English before the teacher gave everyone assigned seats and he talked to me once then, I forgot what he said but I think it was a joke about something me and my friend were talking about but I didn't hear him at first so I think I looked at him crazy and then he kind of tried to say it again but then went back to his work. That was a while ago though. But recently in English class he we were all doing an assignment over different books we read and me and him had the same book.( For backstory: a few days before that my teacher was asking random people in the class questions about the books they read and I was one of the people choosen. )The day we had the assignment he was asking "who read this book I need help on a question" and he kept asking and saying "I know someone here read it" then my friend heard one of his friends tell him that I read it (because I'm guessing his friend remembered that I talked about it in class the other day). Then the guy I like just responded with "what" but I'm not sure happened with the rest of the convo after that. Is he maybe intimidated by me? I'm well known around the school because of my successes in acting competitions and the school plays and musicals and was recently at an awards assembly with him and a lot of the school where I won a lot of scholarships and awards, could that be why? Or maybe he's just being teenage boy and I'm over reading the situation and he's not interested at all. Please help because I want to know if I should talk to him or make a move or something, or just to let it go.
Asked May 04, 2016
I think you should talk to him, although he seems not interested. I doubt he's intimidated by you, the way you described the situation...he's probably not interested or barely notices you. Talk to him though, it might start something.
Answered May 04, 2016

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