Did my husband hit on my daughter?

My 26 year old daughter has been visiting us for about a month. This is my daughter from a previous marriage. My current husband has helped to raise her from the age of 11. My husband came home from work and commented on her makeup because she had some dark lipstick that was unusual for her to wear. He told her that she looked "Goth". Later on in the evening, after drinking, my husband brought it up again, however this time in a different context. I had asked him to do something for me and he said sure. When the 3 of us were standing in the kitchen he commented that he had finished the task and commented that he is "..a good husband other than his insatiable desire for women, especially Goth women.". I immediately confronted him and asked him if he just hit on my daughter, his stepdaughter of 15 years? He denies it vehemently trying to say that he was just trying to make up for the negative comment he made earlier about her dark makeup. Am I over reacting?
Asked Apr 29, 2016

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