What to do when you've just sobbed and feel empty

I just had a mental breakdown due to a lot of unluckiness my whole life, but mostly the past two years. I'm not disclosing why but it seems no matter how hard I try to find a solution to my problems either it's not possible to achieve or doesn't work. I'm not in a position where I can get antidepressants for the way I feel, and I also can't get properly diagnosed. I used to think I was just being dramatic and I was pushing down my own feelings while simultaneously having them brushed off by my family as well. I'd compare myself to starving children and tell myself to be happy I can eat and sleep comfortably. (Sort of.) but the truth is that you can't rate pain that way. I'm sure that a starving child would like my life but that doesn't mean I'm not allowed to feel depressed. But I've been having many horrible thoughts and symptoms of a concoction of mental disorders am that I can't professionally treat, so I have recently started to accept that something is wrong. Though this hasn't helped me at all. Anyways, back to the question. I just sobbed and overthought basically every problem I have and I've quickly written this and I don't know what to do with myself for the next few hours till I sleep and my brain refreshes. Thanks for reading. Please, no mean comments about how I should go eat some pasta and enjoy my life, or something along those lines.
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Asked Apr 28, 2016
Edited Apr 28, 2016

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